How an Italian artist is using (GoPano’s) 360° video technology in his research study.

In his artistic research study on the linguistic possibilities offered by new technologies Italian artist Pietro Babina chose to investigate the GoPano 360° panoramic video technology. “3more60°” is an interactive video installation where the artist experiments the GoPano 360 video shooting system. From 10th October to 1st December 2013 the Italian Director Pietro Babina of Mesmer Artistic Association will present his 360° video installation 3more60° at the Macro Testaccio Museum. The installation is a part of the ongoing popular arts festival Festival Digitalife 2013 – Liquid Landscapes .

Babina says “With GoPano’s technology the audience is taking care of the action,  looking for the right framing in real time, while creating new narratives every time! My aim was to understand and develop a language for this system. The challenge was to connect technique and poetry, inspired by an utopian spirit.” The artist created a specific projection room for “3more60°”, thus allowing the audience to use the 360° video, in its full expressive potential.

Watch the video here. Italian: No subtitles :(

Additional Info, BIOGRAPHY: In 2010 Pietro Babina established Mesmer Artistic Association, after a more than twenty-year long successful career during which he was awarded with several Ubu Awards. Director, author and musician he explored also the visual arts, particularly with the open project “Manifesto”. In 2010 he launched ECO, his first research project carried out by Mesmer, devoted to the comparison between dramaturgy and new online technologies. Pietro Babina was co-founder and co-director of the Company Teatrino Clandestino from 1989 to 2010. | |

How to create 360° virtual tours for real estate (using GoPano technology)

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A 360° virtual tour is a great tool often used by realtors to showcase their properties. Virtual Tours can allow a user to view an environment whilst on-line. With the expansion of video on the internet, video-based virtual tours are growing in popularity.

If you are a realtor looking to shoot quick and easy 360° virtual tour – the GoPano micro is something you should be looking at or the GoPano plus if you are looking for something a little high-end. Just attach GoPano lens attachments to your iPhone (or your camera if shooting with the GoPano plus) to create on shot-quick 360 virtual tours. You could then embed these 360 virtual tours on your website or share it with your viewers on facebook or twitter pages. We saw several GoPano users/realtors using our technology to create 360° video tours of their properties thus giving their users an experience that is almost as good as being there!

Checkout these cool 360° video tours create by some GoPano users.

1. John Hopkins University Virtual Tour.

The virtual tour allows prospective students and their parents an idea of “life on campus” at John Hopkins University.

2. Matt, a realtor with ‘Real Property Management, Utah’, uses his iPhone 4 and the GoPano micro to create quick 360° virtual tours.

3.Greg, North Carolina uses his GoPano micro to create virtual tours with his iPhone 5.

4. Lee, a relator from Hawaii share his virtual tour.


5. Marina, a realtor in New York city shares this 360° virtual tour video of a property in NYC.

Cool Little Planet 360° videos

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GoPano user (and a graphic designer) Patrik from Italy shared this cool “little planet” style 360° video he shot with the GoPano plus.

Nerd alert: “Little planet” or stereographic projection is a particular mapping function that projects a sphere onto a plane. The projection is defined on the entire sphere, except at one point: the projection point.

Indianapolis Colts say “GoPano PARTNERSHIP OFFERS ONE-OF-A-KIND 360 VIDEO”

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Whats up Colts fans?!

Last month we teamed up with the Indianapolis Colts to shoot some rad 360° footage from inside the locker room. Checkout this cool 360 video below, (for the uninitiated – dont forget to click and drag in the video)


Check out other 360 videos the colts shot using the the GoPano line of 360° lens attachments.

Heres what “colts fan casey” has to say about the GoPano technology,

“Technology is a beautiful thing and I’ve got some pretty sweet news for all of you! As you may recall from the post-game celebration of our big win over the Lions, there was an awesome and interactive 360 degree video of the locker room. This technology was developed by a company called Go Pano.  Check out the videos here and go get a view of the Colts like never before.” Read more here.

Which other team would you like to watch in 360°, leave us a comment below?

As always join us on facebook and twitter to stay updated with GoPano news.





iPhone 5 + GoPano micro

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Since Apple announced the new iPhone 5  last week we have been swamped with questions,  requests for a new version of GoPano micro. We’re hard at work experimenting with  different designs for the new version and we will be launching a new GoPano micro compatible with the iPhone5 very soon. Stay tuned people!

P.S: Let us know what features you’d like to see in the new version of the GoPano micro in a comment below, or contact us through Facebook and Twitter!


Software updates: VideoWarp Director 1.6.12266 and more

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We released a new update for VideoWarp following the Mountain Lion release yesterday.
Quick release notes: More information on our suport page.
 VideoWarp Director 1.6.12266
- Requires Mac OS 10.6 or later (including Mountain Lion)
- Supports Gatekeeper and App Sandbox to protect our users
- User interface changes to support Retina displays
- Capture interface has been removed, due to limited utility with newer cameras and incompatibility with App Sandbox on 10.8.
- Fixed a memory leak for projects with large media files
VideoWarp Player 1.6.12266
- Requires Mac OS 10.6 or later (including Mountain Lion)
- Supports Gatekeeper and App Sandbox to protect our users
- User interface was redesigned to support Retina displays
Known Issues:
- Projects that have referenced media will not open properly under Mountain Lion when using the App Sandbox. Before upgrading to 1.6, do the following:
1. In VideoWarp Director 1.5.12208, open any affected projects and choose File -> Make Project Self-Contained.
2. Any media in the project that was referenced externally will be copied into your project.
3. The project will now open correctly in version 1.6.

GoPano’s Got Talent! Enter for a chance to win a free GoPano plus!

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Hey GoPano fans, what have you been recording lately?

In the past few months we have seen many awesome 360° videos uploaded by some really talented GoPano fans – including some phenomenal  singers, some crazy stunts,  to some really cool adventure sport videos..!! We are hosting our first ever “GoPanos Got Talent” competition on!!!!


Winner: The winner gets a GoPano plus with PhotoWarp, VideoWarp + all required accessories for a camera of your choice = all ~$1000 in value.

To participate: Grab a Gopano micro. Show off your talent in a 360° video, don’t be shy, be creative, go crazy! Upload your 360° video on and tag it “talent” (More on “tagging a video” here)


1. Contest starts on June 15th, 2012 and ends on August 15th, 2012. Yes, you can submit your already uploaded videos, though preference would be give to videos uploaded between the contest period.

2. Shipping included. (International winners are responsible for local duties or customs).