Lazy Tech Guys Review GoPano micro iPhone 4 360 Lens

by GoPano Team
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Lazy Tech Guys were kind enough to pay us a visit during CES 2012 to talk about the GoPano micro for iPhone 4 and 4S. Check out the interview below:

Following our meet n’ greet, Lazy Tech Guys had the opportunity to provide an in-depth review of the GoPano iPhone 4 360 lens, leading with this bold statement:

 “Anyone dismissing the GoPano micro as some gimmicky tool does not understand the value of this system.”

We’re pleased that Lazy Tech Guys recognized how revolutionary this 360 video technology can be for so many people, offering examples such as a frequent traveler, a real estate agent showing off property, or even an investigator needing to freeze a crime scene. Our 360 technology offers them these precise capabilities at an affordable price.

After running the GoPano 360 lens through a variety of tests, the Lazy Tech Guys awarded the GoPano micro a 4-out-of-5 star rating!

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Other Ways To Experience 360 Video

As mentioned above, the Lazy Tech Guys offered examples of industries that can incorporate 360 technology: travel, real estate, and law enforcement. We’ve already seen our technology used in 360 music videos, 360 degree short films, and of course the capturing of everyday experiences, but can you imagine what’s next?

So tell us, if you could capture anything in an immersive 360 degree experience, what would it be?

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