360 Video Technology For the Masses with GoPano micro

by GoPano Team
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With 360 video, you’re not just watching, you’re in it!

By now, you’ve likely seen your fair share of impressive 360 degree music videos, from Montgomery Gentry, to the Black Eyes Peas. What music fanatics may not have realized is that country duo Montgomery Gentry was actually the first to produce a music video incorporating 360 video technology, our technology in fact!

At EyeSee360, we have seen our 360 technology incorporated in classrooms across the country, in automobile commercials (for the Hummer H3, for example), and in monumental implosion videos on Fox, and the History Channel.

360 technology makes the final product interactive, extreme and memorable… So, you have to ask… What’s next?

Businesses Take Advertising and Video 360 Degrees

Musicians weren’t the only ones who recognized the reach of 360 video technology. Businesses began developing groundbreaking, out-of-the-norm, 360 videos for broadcast and advertising. Leading companies hired 360 video solutions companies to bring a new edge to their campaigns, allowing viewers to rotate an ad or marketing video 360 degrees to help them engage and fully immerse themselves in the intensity of the viewing experience.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation even sponsored the development of a special 360 video platform to be used for teacher evaluation.  This program has been implemented in schools across the country, giving teachers a chance to watch students’ reactions in real time and identify where the gaps in interest occur in the classroom.

But you don’t have to be a musician, leading business, or Bill Gates to go 360…

360 Video Technology For the Masses with GoPano micro

360 Video for Everyone

For us everyday folks, GoPano micro is the ‘what’s next’ in 360 video technology. If you’ve read our Timeline of a 360 Video Technology Company, you know that all of the milestones and collaborations mentioned above have led us to where we stand today. Putting a spin on traditional video, the GoPano micro offers iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users the ability to record everything around them simultaneously. “EyeSee360 takes our patented professional 360 software and optical expertise and brings a brand new angle to the iPhone accessory market and the world in general,” said Brad Simon, President of EyeSee360.

You no longer have to sit back and wait for businesses to get creative using 360 technology. With GoPano micro, you can take creative liberties into your own hands. Together with the GoPano micro optic, the free GoPano app lets users create immersive, 360 video directly from their iPhone. The 360 video can then be uploaded and shared with friends and family, creating an experience that’s unique to each viewer.

Users can also view the most popular videos—or friends’ videos—right from their iPhone or by visiting www.gopano.com, the only 360 video sharing network on the web. With the ability for users to also share their creations on popular social media websites, EyeSee360 and GoPano products have taken the 360 video trend to the next level.

The Future of 360 Video… Endless Potential

EyeSee360’s CTO, Michael Rondinelli states, “This technology is really fascinating to me, and I feel it has great potential in so many ways.”

Amey Kanade, Product Manager at EyeSee360, encourages consumers to think about the possibilities: journalists reporting the news in 360, media and broadcasting embracing 360 video at every turn, the ability to capture the passion and spirit of sporting events, 360 video teleconferencing, 360 surveillance and security…

The future is here, with 360 technology at the consumer level, in the hands of iPhone users worldwide. Don’t end up empty-handed, snag your video panorama equipment today at http://www.gopano.com/store/, and let your imagination run wild.

What 360 video has most impressed you in the last year? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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