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How to identify a counterfeit GoPano micro

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2013 10:03AM EDT
What is a counterfeit GoPano micro?
EyeSee360 has discovered that there are counterfeit versions of the GoPano micro being produced and sold on the market as a genuine GoPano micro.
What is the major difference between a genuine unit and a counterfeit?
EyeSee360 takes great pride in the products that we use the "GoPano" brand on and as such we take a number of different steps to ensure that our users are getting a high quality product. With any single shot 360° lens, the mirror(s) is the most critical element for a quality picture. We have a quality control process during our manufacturing process that checks every mirror that we ship. The counterfeit units we have tested have mirrors that are subpar and as such the picture quality suffers greatly. Typically, this can be seen as distortions in the picture, an uneven look to picture and major marks and scratches to the picture.

Where can I get a genuine GoPano micro?
To ensure you are purchasing a genuine GoPano micro, only purchase your unit from one of our authorized resellers or

How can you tell if a GoPano micro is a genuine unit or a counterfeit?
There are number of ways to determine if a GoPano micro is a genuine unit or counterfeit:

Genuine GoPano micro (original iPhone 4 / 4S packaging) Genuine GoPano micro (updated for iPhone 5) Counterfeit GoPano micro example packaging

Real units are Made in USA
Real units are Made in USA
This unit was made elsewhere
Genuine packing with correct text Updated text & compatibility sticker
Counterfeit with incorrect text

Satchel made from microfiber cloth
Satchel made from microfiber cloth
Satchel made from another material

Packaging was never updated to say iPhone 4/4s
Updated with new text not mentioning a model of iPhone
Counterfeit packaging updated to say iPhone 4/4s

Real unit with alignment "knubs"

Real unit with alignment "knubs"

Unit without alignment "knubs"

What can you do if you suspect your GoPano micro to be counterfeit?
Contact or 412-922-6002 for more assistance. 

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